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Used Bikes

Scattante R560 - $400

Scattante road bike, 57cm. Carbon fiber fork, Shimano 105 derailleurs, 30 speed. Miles per hour /cadence computer. Fast bike and ready to hit the road.

Trek MT200 - $125

A sturdy Trek MT200 kids mountain bike. Equipped with an sturdy CR-MO frame. Fully tuned and ready to go hit the trails. 7 speed Shimano grip shifter, powerful V-brakes. Capable of off road excursions and serious urban riding as well. 24" wheel.

Cannondale Racing 400 - $200

A sweet deal of a sport road bike. Fully tuned and ready to hit the road. 2x7 speed with Shimano derailleurs and downtube shifters. Get out riding today with this Cannondale R400 sport road bike!